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July 05, 2004

Eating my own dog food

The ultimate test of any application is when the author(s) put it all on the line and start using their own stuff. Well, I've been using Caterpillar since the start, but there was this one new feature that I was hesitant to use.. Import.

You see, to really test import I had to export what I had, delete everything, and import what I exported, then hope against hope that it was all still there because I didn't want to loose some of those entries I'd saved. But I made a promise when I released Caterpillar 2.0. I said, "You can save any entry permanently." And I don't think it really counts if to have permanent you have to never upgrade. So, I backed it all up, exported, wiped out the db and imported it all again, only to find an exact duplicate of what I exported. Yaaay.

Export and Import are now ready to go for Caterpillar 3.0. Upgrading is pretty painless, although if you have 120 feeds and 4500+ entries like I did, you may have to wait a few minutes for everything to get reindexed.

There are only a couple minor bugs remaining (many many squished bugs and improvements) and absolutely no more new features to add in before the release. Sorry it's been taking so long folks.

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