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Caterpillar 2.0 is available here (9.8 Mb). Source is available here.

Caterpillar requires Java 1.4.2 or higher. If you don't have it you will need to download it from Sun. Don't download the version with NetBeans in it unless you actually want NetBeans. Either the SDK or the JRE version will work.

Privacy Notice:
Please note. Caterpillar's default configuration will send annonymous error reports to caterpillar-errors at masukomi dot org when it encounters problems. You can see an example error report here. In addition the splash screen is loaded from the Caterpillar web site. This allows us to see how often Caterpillar is launched, what version of Caterpillar was used, and not much else. The e-mail addresses you use when e-mailing entries from Caterpillar are never collected. You e-mail address is never used when sending error reports.

If you wish to diable this feature change the following line in prefs/system/org/masukomi/tools/logging/Logs.xml
<entry key="entriesWarningLevel" value="ERROR" />
replace it with
<entry key="entriesWarningLevel" value="-1" />

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